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Groups: Manage your teams, locations and more.

Groups: Manage your teams, locations and more.

Sapling Group Types and Groups are used to define a specific hierarchy within an organization. They identify each role, it's function and where it reports to in your org. In this guide, we'll define these terms and teach you how you can use this feature to better describe your team members.

  • A group type is a field used in Sapling to describe a type of structure within an organization. Sapling provides two default group types: departments and locations, which can't be removed. You can create as many group types as needed, such as Teams, Squads or Divisions.
  • A group is a listed option inside of a group. For example, if Locations is the Group Type, then Barcelona is a group. You can add as many Groups as you need.

How are Group Types and Groups used across Sapling?

As a key integration provider for many different ATS and Payroll integrations, Sapling uniquely manages the synchronization of different organizational Group Types and Groups.

We integrate seamlessly with your existing group structures - meaning any data fields you're collecting in your ATS can be seamlessly synchronized with your HRIS.

Adding New Group Types

​As an Admin or Super Admin you will be able to see locate your Groups from the admin toolbar.

To add new group types, click on the dropdown at the top of the page, and click "New Group Type".

​Managing Groups and Group Types

In addition to adding new group types, you can edit existing ones. Change their name, or add a description (such as office address). Descriptions are shown to new employees during preboarding. ​

Lastly, you can disable groups if they are no longer used. For example, you may want to include former locations or offices in Sapling for your admins to refer to, but may not want everyone else to see this.

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