Getting Started for Employees and Managers

Exploring your Org Chart

Sapling offers a better way to view, build and manage your team visibly through the Org Chart.

Sapling's Org Chart is designed to give your new hires and broader team a unique understanding into their team relationships.

How to access the Org Chart

To view the Org Chart, navigate from Home > People > Org Chart. Drag the screen with your mouse to explore the chart.

Use the menu on the upper righthand side to search, zoom and filter your organization. Click the down arrows on a profile to see the people that report to each person. You can also navigate directly to a team member's profile by selecting on their name.

To get a visual understanding of different teams or groups, use the "Color Code" filter option. You can Color Code you Org by Location, Department, or custom Group Types.

Pro tips💡

  • The "Manager Relationship" is used to configure your org chart, so be sure to keep your Job Details tab up to date
  • New hires will appear on the Org Chart only once their start date has passed
  • Updates to the org chart occur when there are changes in names, managers or job titles in the platform. This typically occurs in a few seconds, however for busy periods with lots of changes, may take up to one hour

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