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Documents: E-Signatures, Uploads and Packets

Sapling allows team members to e-sign legally binding documents during any phase of the employee lifecycle.

Thanks to our integration with HelloSign, Sapling provides a number of document solutions including:

  • E-Signed documents (single signature OR Co-signed)
  • Document Uploads
  • Document Packets
  • Document Storage

Typically, these documents are assigned during Onboarding, Role Transitions, or Offboarding - but you can also assign documents at any point using our Bulk Request tool.

Signatory Documents

Signatory documents are any type of documents that require a review and a signature(s) - for example: Team Handbooks, W-4s, I-9’s, etc. To create a new signatory document, click “Add Document to Sign”, select your co-signer (if applicable), upload the form, and choose what pieces of the form require what action from the signee. 

Upload Requests

Upload requests are tasks that get assigned to an employee with the intention to have them upload a specific document into Sapling (for ex: passport photos, copy of their driver’s license, etc). *Note: Once you create the request, you can assign that request either a) during onboarding or b) directly from an employee’s profile.

Document Packets

Document Packets are a way to combine documents into a collection that new hires can review/sign during any transition with Sapling. Typically, we see these being most helpful in combining necessary documents based on location or role type (for ex: “New Hire - UK Engineering Team Documents” vs. “New Hire - USA Engineering Team Documents”). To create a new packet, go to Document Packets > Create New Packet, and specify what documents you’d like to include in that particular packet. 

For a video tutorial on how to add new documents, please see the video below: 

While Sapling is able to assist in the set up of documents, for legal reasons - we are unable to provide any guarantees of accuracy and recommend all documents are checked prior to being assigned.

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