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Dec 5th, 2019 - Smart Documents, New Activity Summary email and more!

As winter descends upon us, Team Sapling is excited to warm you up with some 🔥updates with our last Product Release of 2019! 

We are working on releasing Smart Assignment of workflows, documents, and emails in 2020. We need your help to update your documents and workflows in the months to come to make your onboarding and offboarding experience a breeze. Here’s a quick summary of what came out in today’s release: 

  • Smart Documents 
  • Sapling Weekly Activity Email - how to help understand what goes on behind the Sapling curtains
  • First time and attendance integration: - Deputy 

Smart Documents

Hello, Smart documents! In order to better serve companies with different geographical locations, we have now enabled the ability to specify what Department, Location, Employment status, and Type (for ex: onboarding, offboarding, relocation, promotion, other, or custom) a particular Document belongs to. 

We will be releasing Smart Assignment feature in early 2020. By updating all of your documents with these specifications, we will be able to automatically select the correct documents to assign during their associated workflow - significantly speeding up document assignment during onboarding and offboarding. .

⚠️Action item: please go into your Sapling Documents and update their specifications by Jan. 23rd, 2020. If no action is taken, all documents will default to “All” for each filter. ⚠️

Sapling Weekly Activity Email 

We know it can be hard to understand exactly how much work goes into managing the employee experience from hire → retire. To help quantify these activities, we’ve launched a new weekly summary email that highlights the key metrics from Sapling that week.

To enable this email for your team, go to Emails > Alerts > Create New Alert. From there, select "Sapling Weekly Metrics" and select who on your team you'd like to receive this email.

First time and attendance integration with Deputy  🎉

We are thrilled to announce our newest integration partner: Deputy, a world-class solution helping simplify the chaos of time sheets. Thanks to this integration, you can now: 

  • Auto provision Deputy accounts during onboarding
  • Sync/update team member data from Sapling to Deputy
  • De-provision accounts during offboarding

Excited to welcome you to the Sapling integration family, Deputy! Please contact if you have questions about enabling this new integration.

Other useful improvements this release

  • Added a “Last Synced” timestamp to the integrations page for simplified visibility over integrated data syncs 
  • Added a global setting for email provisioning to be able to auto-provision emails with your preferred naming convention (i.e.
  • Added “Local Holidays” to employee profile headers for international teams to have a better understanding about local team holidays 
  • Updated the Time off admin page to allow for easier ways to search, filter, and sort through Time off policies

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