Team Transitions: Onboarding, Transitions & Offboarding

Dashboard Stages

Defining the different stages on the dashboard and outlines when team members are removed from the dashboard.

The dashboards will display new hires that are currently onboarding or existing team members that are currently offboarding from your organization.

Onboarding Stages

On the onboarding dashboard, there are five stages for new team members:

Invited: When the new hire has been sent an invitiation, but has not yet clicked the link and entered the Sapling preboarding platform.

Preboarding: This is when a new hire has started preboarding, but is prior to the completion to the their preboarding experience.

Complete Preboarding Button: As an admin you have the ability to complete preboarding for a new hire from the Dashboard. If you select 'Complete Preboarding' - the preboarding will automatically be completed and they will simply access the platform (not the preboarding section), and the preboarding complete email will go out. The downside of this is sometimes new hires have not completed all their information yet, so will need to do it directly in the platform.

Pre-Start: New hires that complete preboarding are then moved into “Pre-Start” once they have completed their preboarding, and have not yet had their first day.

1st Week: Is the team member's first week of employment.

1st Month: Days 8 - 30 of activity.

Ramping Up: Day 30+, will only still show on the dashboard if they have not completed their new hire documents and tasks.

New team members are shown in the onboarding dashboard when they have: documents to sign, outstanding tasks that need to be completed as part of their transition, or a start date that's less than 14 days ago. New team members will automatically be removed from the dashboard after the completion of all of their documents and tasks, and after their first 14 days.

By navigating the stages of the onboarding funnel, you will be able to view team members that are in each stage.

Offboarding Stages

For exiting individuals, they will be automatically removed after the completion of all of their documents and tasks, and 30 days after their last day has passed.

On the offboarding dashboard, there are three stages for departing team members:

Last Month: The individual is in their last month at the organization.

Last Week: The individual is in their last week at the organization.

Departed: Will show individuals who have departed in the last 30 days.

The Offboarding Dashboard's Status in Sapling is based on the employee's Termination Date, rather than the Last Day Worked. If you click on the employee's profile through the Dashboard you will be able to see more details regarding employment status.

Terms related to Offboarding in Sapling:

  • Termination Date: the official last date of employment.
  • Last Day Worked: used in relation to assigning activities. For example, if you have an offboarding workflow with different tasks, those tasks will be associated with a due date, and that date will be in relation to last day worked.

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