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Custom Email Alerts: automating reminders and key event notifications

How to get alerted about all key events happening in Sapling

Sapling’s Custom Alerts allow you to automate emails to remind Admins, managers and employees about specific events in Sapling. These alerts encompass things like getting notified about time off requests, turning on your Sapling Weekly metrics email, announcing terminations, and more.

How to set up a Custom Alert?

To set up a Custom Alert, navigate from Home > Emails > Custom Alerts.

Click on an existing alert to edit it, or select "Create Alert" from the top righthand corner to add a new one.

By clicking ‘Create New Alert’, you’ll be able to set:

  • The type of alert
  • The Department, Location, or Employment Status this alert should apply to (i.e. what team members will be monitored)
  • Who the alert should be sent to (i.e. who should be notified)​

Here's an example of what an Alert email will look like (in this case -  a Termination alert): 

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