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Completing the Manager Form

People Operations often need to collect information from managers during onboarding. This article explains how to streamline this process.

When onboarding new hires into your organization, People Operations teams often rely on information that needs to be collected from the new hire's manager.

This includes things like: 

  • What type of hardware do they need?
  • What will their seat location be?
  • What software tools do they need?
  • Do they require a company credit card?

Sapling’s Manager Form compiles and streamlines these fields of information, emailing a request to the new hire's manager to fill out these details during onboarding.

How it Works?

The manager form is auto-populated from the information in your Profile Setup tab. Any Profile Field that is marked as "Collect From - Manager" will be pulled directly into the manager form. (*note: you must be an Admin or a Super Admin to edit this form) 

To add, edit, or remove anything from the manager form, navigate from Home > Profile Setup. Click on an existing field to edit or delete it, or click on the "New Field" button in the upper righthand corner to add a new field.

When the onboarding invitation is sent, the assigned Manager will receive an in-application alert as well as an email letting them know they are responsible for filling out certain information for the new hire.

When the manager clicks the notification, they will be taken to Sapling to complete the Manager Form.​

​Once the Manager Form is complete, the information will be added to the new hire's Profile.

As the Admin, you will also receive a notification that the information from the manager from has been successfully collected.

For more information on the Manager Form, check out our webinar below!

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