Complete Tasks With Sapling's Gmail Add-on

Through Sapling’s Add-on for Gmail, Sapling Admins can view and complete tasks straight. from their inbox

People Ops teams are working a mile a minute to support their employees and managers.  Our goal with the Sapling Gmail Add-on is to eliminate the need to switch between apps - so you can view important Sapling information straight from your Gmail inbox.

What is the Sapling Add-on for Gmail?

The add-on lets you do the following directly from your Gmail inbox:

  • Quickly access tasks that are assigned to you in Sapling
  • Complete those tasks from Gmail without having to login to Sapling
  • View details about the task receiver (the person you are completing the task for)
  • Access the employee's profile in the Sapling web app.

The Sapling Gmail Add-on works on any web browser. It also works if you access Gmail from your Android phone.

How to install the Add-on?

In your Gmail, navigate to Settings > Get add-ons from the top righthand corner menu.

Search for Sapling and click Individual Install ("individual install" means only you will have access to it, not your entire company). We do not recommend domain wide installs at this time.

To configure the add-on, you'll need two things:

  1. Your subdomain, typically your company name, or the phrase used when you login to Sapling (before "")
  2. An API Key, which can be found in the admin panel of the Sapling app

Once enabled, open any email (not necessarily an email from Sapling), and voila! 🎉You'll immediately see a list of all open tasks that are assigned to you. If you don't have any tasks that need to be done, this page will be blank.

Your task list is broken down by due date:

If you click into the details of a task, you can see more information, such as the task receiver detail and the description.​

Still no luck? We are here to help!

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