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Company Links: Providing relevant info for team members

Sapling’s Smart Company Links widget is the best place to store links to important information for team members.

New team members often reach out with general questions about where to find HR related information. The Company Links feature allows you to provide a single, centralized location for your team to find the most up-to-date links for important company resources like: 

  • Links to your benefit packages
  • Links to external retirement management portals
  • Links to expense filing forms
  • Links to important presentations, intranet, policies
  • & many more!

The Company Links widget is displayed directly on the righthand side of all employee's Sapling landing page, enabling for the easiest possible access to these important documents.

How to update Company Links

Admins that have "View and Modify" access for the Platform settings can update Company Links. To edit: 

  • Go to your Sapling portal
  • Access Platform Settings from the left hand navigation menu
  • Click on Company Links
  • Enable Company Links if they are not enabled already
  • Click +ADD LINK  to create a new link
  • Click on an existing link to edit it
  • Reorder the links by clicking on the link you want to move, dragging and dropping it into the desired order ​

​Smart Viewing of Company Links

Sapling gives you the ability to only show company links to a certain group of team members.

You can customize Company links by any/all of the following: 

  • Department
  • Location
  • Employment Status

Once you define the group a particular Company Link applies to, only the team members that fit that criteria will see it in their homepage.

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