Bulk Assign, Request information, or Power Edit information for Multiple Employees

Learn how to bulk request, assign, or edit information for multiple employees at once.

Sapling allows you to use the People Directory to bulk request or assign things to certain employees, making mass edits a breeze.

How this works

To access this feature, go to the People > select employees (*note: you can also filter the directory to make sorting and selecting easier!) > use the dropdown menu next to the checkbox to view all Bulk Edit actions.

When would I use this?

There are 6 action options in the Bulk Edit menu for you to choose from.

  1. Assign Documents or Workflows. Mass assign an individual Document, Document Packet, or Workflow to any selected employees. For example: have the entire company sign an updated NDA, review a packet of Employee Handbook documents, or assign a transition workflow to a team that's moving to a new office.
  2. Request profile field information. Request new or existing profile field information to be updated by selected employees. For ex: adding a new profile field for "T-shirt size". (*note: If employees are not allowed to complete the profile fields via permission settings, they will not be able to make any changes.) 
  3. Change Manager. Bulk edit updates to managers. For ex: a new manager joins the San Francisco team, select all the SF team members and update who they report to.
  4. *Power edit. (*note: this in only available to Super Admins - and edits here cannot be undone - so be extra careful with this feature). Edit custom job detail fields for employees, either Individually (i.e. the information you edit will be different for each team member you’ve selected) or As a Group (i.e. the information you edit will be the same for all selected team members.) With any Power edits to job information - for ex: salary changes during a promotion cycle - effective date of change must be filled out, and will result in a new row of data in the employee's Job Details table (but will not affect the current line of data). Reach out to help@trysapling.com if you have any questions about updating these critical pieces of information.
  5. Send invite. Re-send an invitation to join Sapling. For ex: when you're implementing Sapling and want to invite your whole team to the platform.
  6. Delete from Sapling. Remove all employee data stored in Sapling for one (or multiple) team members. For ex: deleting an accidental duplicate account.

To see an example of this process in action, take a peek at the following video:

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