Getting Started for Admins

Admin actions in the platform

As an admin, you will see six core actions that you can take for other employees within your organization.

They are located on the top right hand side of the employees main profile page.

#1. Resend Invite: Selecting this button will allow you to resend the employee an invite to the Sapling platform, you will receive a confirmation popup on the bottom of the page once the invite has been sent.

#2. Reset Password:
Allows you to sent the "Reset Password" email to the user, you will receive confirmation the email as been sent via popup on the bottom of the page.

#3. Email:
You have the ability to send an email to this employee directly from their page, selecting the email button will open a window from your email client that allows you to send the employee an email.

#4. Start Offboarding:
Allows you to start the offboarding process directly from their employee profile page, you will be taken to the first page of the offboarding workflow.

#5. View As: Allows you to login as that user to see Sapling from their perspective, Note: you will not be able to edit any information when logged in as the user.

#6. Delete Profile: This will remove the user from your account and the platform, this is generally used for test or duplicate profiles. We recommend offboarding anyone exiting the organization vs. deleting their profile.

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