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Acknowledge or Read-Only Documents

Sometimes there are documents that the new hire needs to read, but does not need to sign. Learn the best practice here.

Instead of uploading for a signature leveraging Sapling’s e-signaturing iFrame, there are three options for "Acknowledge-Only" documents to be tracked and managed in Sapling.

Option #1 - Create an Acknowledgment Form

Compile the "Acknowledgment-Only" documents in a single PDF, then attach with a basic acknowledgement form.

This would then be completed in the new hire experience, allowing new hires to read and acknowledge receipt of the documents.

Option #2 - Create a New Hire Task

In your new hire checklist, create a New Task outlining what the document is and why it is important, then attach the document as a PDF.

This ensures that you have visibility over the new hire acknowledging (or not acknowledging) the document.

This would sit outside of new hire experience, and only be available to the new hire once they have completed their preboarding.

Option #3. Attach to the Welcome Email

A third option, although not recommended, is to attach the documents to the welcome email for new hires.

Sapling cannot track the reading or completion of documents provided to new hires in this email format, however.

Please reach out to your Customer Success Manager if you have any additional questions!

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