15Five Integration Guide


The Sapling and 15Five integration links a company’s performance management software with their human resource information software (HRIS). 

In a few simple steps inside the 15Five application, an administrative user can link the two accounts and import the company’s employees and management structure into 15Five. The schedule runs automatically, so that the two systems are updated with the latest employment changes.

About 15Five

15Five is the #1 performance management software on G2Crowd. 

It’s lightweight performance management software helps managers check-in with employees every week via a short survey and automated 1-on-1 meeting agendas. 

Managers who use 15Five also can easily setup and track quarterly objectives (OKRs) for their teams and individual employees, give recognition with High Fives, and help employees grow with quarterly or semi-annual 360° Best-Self Reviews.

How the Integration works

With the 15Five integration, Sapling will:

  1. Create new employee when you onboard someone in Sapling
  2. Keep their details up to date between from changes in Sapling
  3. Mark inactive employees inactive in 15five when they are Offboarded in Sapling
  4. Delete employees in 15five if employees are deleted in Sapling

Important note: in V1 of this integration, existing employees already in 15Five will NOT have their data synced back and forth from Sapling (only new employees onboarded through Sapling). V2 of the Sapling <> 15Five integration that will release this feature is scheduled for Q3 2020.

What data syncs?

How to set-up the integration

The SCIM integration must be enabled by your 15Five account representative. You’ll need to email directly or come into chat and they can enable customers right away (their office hours are 8-5pm PST).

Once the SCIM integration has been enabled by 15Five, go to Company Settings.

From the Setting Page, click on "Integrations."

Scroll down to SCIM 2.0, and click "Configure."

Select the checkbox to enable the SCIM integration, and click "Generate OAuth token." You’ll be given two pieces of information that you’ll need to put into Sapling. Below are some fictional examples:

SCIM 2.0 base URL:

Access token: 1TrPVXXsXBDJOdat4AD321jKYXXXHH8W4rYF

In your Sapling account, navigate from Home > Integrations. Turn the toggle on for the 15Five integration, and add your URL and Access token.

Next, select what Employee Group and Employment Status apply when creating and syncing 15Five profiles with Sapling (for ex: only certain departments, locations, or employment type).

And that's it! Data will now flow seamlessly between 15Five <> Sapling.

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