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Streamline your processes with auto-assigned workflows, email scheduling and alerts

Build auto-assignment rules for locations, departments or employment types to deliver co-ordinated people transitions

Onboarding workflows

Leading companies trust Sapling, a Kallidus company, for their HR needs

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Reduce risk of non-compliance and minimize back and forth emails with repeatable tasks 

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Team members can complete tasks directly from their preferred tool (like email, Slack, or IT ticketing software) 

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Collaborate with your teammates through comments and @mentions directly in tasks

Automated workflows

Build workflows with triggered emails

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Eliminate manual checklists, data duplication and things being missed or slipped through the cracks

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Get instant visibility on workflow progress every step of the way


Speed up document assignment during onboarding and off boarding through automation.

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Organize documents by their associated Department, Location, Employment status, and/or Workflow Type

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Sapling will suggest the correct documents to assign to new employees during onboarding


Keep a pulse on team member feedback

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Get instant insight on how your team is doing during important milestones

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Analyze your employee experience program feedback and track progress over time

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Embed surveys directly into workflows to automate consistent team member check-ins

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Utilize pre-built, science-backed survey questions to gain valuable team feedback

Sapling Surveys Interface for setting tasks
Sapling Surveys - Reporting Interface

Make informed leadership decisions

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Leverage customizable reports to understand trends and uncover actionable insights

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Save time by scheduling reports to easily share survey results with your leadership team

How Zapier uses Sapling's workflows to run their onboarding experience

Interested to learn more about workflows? See how Zapier is using Sapling to empower their new hires.

They use Sapling as their global people operations platform to create consistency in the employee experience for a fully distributed team.

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Once we assign a workflow, we know new hires will have access to the information they need when they need it, which makes for a smooth onboarding process without a lot of heavy lifting
Ashley Priebe Brown, Senior Onboarding Specialist at Zapier

Sapling works seamlessly with your other tools, enabling you to build the HR technology stack that suits you.

Your team deserves the best tools - connect Sapling with your Applicant Tracking System, Payroll, Performance Management and Identify Management systems.

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Learn how Sapling can help you automate your workflows and connect your people data across your existing systems.

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