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Eliminate manually tracking employee data in spreadsheets and chasing people down for approvals – once and for all.

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Sapling Track & Approve Feature

Leading companies trust Sapling for their People Operations

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Custom Tables

Customize exactly what employee data you need to track

Build an infinite number of tables to track things like hardware, benefits, visa renewals, stock options, etc.

Create Structured tables to track static information, or Timeline tables to track date-driven information in chronological order

Add custom tables into a profile template to easily assign to your team at scale

Custom Tables
Approval Chain
Approval Chains

Define who can access team member information and who needs to sign off on important changes

Set up permission levels and approvals based on your unique reporting chain

Assign approvals to specific individuals or role types (i.e. 2nd level manager)

Automate reminders to reduce time spent chasing approvals

Approval Dashboard

Get instant insight on the status of your approvals in a single, centralized dashboard

Get high level insights on all assigned and outstanding approvals

Take action directly from the dashboard to view approval details or send email reminders

Approval Dashboard

Why Leading HR Tech companies use Sapling - People Data and Workflows

Interested to learn more about information? Learn how 15Five leveraged Sapling to easily access their people data and make proactive decisions backed by data.

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Sapling enables me to quickly and easily access our people data and allows my team to make proactive decisions backed by data.
Heidi Larsen Collins, VP of People Operations at 15Five

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Learn how Sapling can help you automate your workflows and connect your people data across your existing systems.

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