time off

Time Off

Give your team the time they need


Create custom time-off policies for vacation, sick leave, study leave, work from home, jury duty, paternity leave, and everything in between.

  • Assign based on location, employment status, department, or manually 
  • Specify rules for different accrual schemes, negative, and carryover balances
  • Handle changes based on tenure 


Setup the right level of approvals for each policy 

  • No approval or auto approval/denial after a certain period of time 
  • Manager approval or chained approvals 
  • Team members can add attachments to their requests to speed up approvals 


Visibility at all levels of your org

  • Managers can see who is out of the office in their team 
  • Shared company calendar for time off 
  • Individual team members can keep track of their accruals and requests