Manage complex time off policies with ease and visibity

Sapling gives you the tools to build and manage time off policies for any country, allowing you to give your team the time they need

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Leading remote companies trust Sapling for their People Operations

Time off Policies

Manage complex time off policies with ease

Assign Time Off policies based on location, employment status, department, or manually

Specify rules for different accrual schemes, negative, or carryover balances

Create custom time-off policies for vacation, sick leave, tenure and everything in between


Setup the right level of approvals for each policy 

Auto approve or deny Time Off requests after a certain period of time 

Require Manager approval or chained approvals 

Add attachments to your Time Off requests to speed up approvals 


Visibility at all levels of your org

Managers can instantly see who is out of the office on their team 

Access the shared company calendar to see Time Off for all teams

Individual team members can keep track of their accruals and requests

Sapling works seamlessly with your other tools, enabling you to build the HR technology stack that suits you.

Your team deserves the best tools - connect Sapling with your Applicant Tracking System, Payroll, Performance Management and Identify Management systems.

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