A single source of truth for all your HR and People Ops emails

Sapling's smart emails gives you superpowers in scheduling and tracking emails throughout the employee experience.

With a robust template library and open rate tracking, keep track of all the moving pieces and spend less time on admin.

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Leading remote companies trust Sapling for their People Operations


Keep a pulse on team member feedback

Get instant insight on how your team is doing during important milestones

Analyze your employee experience program feedback and track progress over time

Embed surveys directly into workflows to automate consistent team member check-ins

Sapling Surveys Interface for setting tasks
Sapling Surveys - Reporting Interface

Make informed leadership decisions

Leverage customizable reports to understand trends and uncover actionable insights

Save time by scheduling reports to easily share survey results with your leadership team

Sapling works seamlessly with your other tools, enabling you to build the HR technology stack that suits you.

Your team deserves the best tools - connect Sapling with your Applicant Tracking System, Payroll, Performance Management and Identify Management systems.

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