Create unique profile templates for every team

Sapling allows you to build and auto assign employee record templates for different locations, departments or employment statuses

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Leading companies trust Sapling, a Kallidus company, for their HR needs

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Unify your global data in a single system

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Empower local teams to ask the right questions during onboarding, offboarding or other transitions

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Build unique employee record templates

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Show, hide or require fields based on individual circumstances


Get the right people involved

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Assign questions to different stakeholders  to get the right information for your employee records

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Auto trigger alerts for changes that occur

Bulk Assign

Apply custom profile templates in bulk

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Smart Assign profile templates at scale during Bulk Onboarding

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Organize bulk assigned templates by Location, Department, and Employment Status

Because we’re a global company, Profile Templates were a huge help to ensure we stayed compliant with country-specific needs. Now we use them for department specific templates as well.
Zach Wordes, Senior Program Manager, Global New Hire Experiences

How PagerDuty Uses Profile Templates To Stay Compliant

Learn how PagerDuty used profile templates to collect and share the right information to team members based on their Location, Department, and Employment Status.

Which significantly reduced manually admin time while delivering a high-touch and cohesive people experiences while staying compliant with country-specific needs.

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Sapling works seamlessly with your other tools, enabling you to build the HR technology stack that suits you.

Your team deserves the best tools - connect Sapling with your Applicant Tracking System, Payroll, Performance Management and Identify Management systems.

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Learn how Sapling can help you automate your workflows and connect your people data across your existing systems.

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