Develop high-performing teams

Drive better performance with continuous feedback, goal tracking and flexible reviews. Connect learning with performance to empower employees to lead their own development.

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Reviews that drive future success

Try performance management software that makes it easy for managers and team members to check-in and discuss challenges in real-time.

  • Keep objectives up-to-date
  • Encourage short conversations
  • Track progress throughout the year
  • Remove lengthy form-filling
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Align objectives to achieve top organizational goals

Empower managers and engage people, through a culture of open feedback and tracking.

Provide complete clarity around individual, team and organizational objectives to motivate your workforce and drive them to achieve their goals.

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"Kallidus Perform gives us clear sight of the objectives that are being worked towards, the progress that people have made, and the alignment to corporate strategy. It also gives accountability back to individuals to manage their own performance and development."

Simon B.
Simon B.
L&D Manager

"It is incredibly simple for learners to use. There is no need for user guides as the whole system is very intuitive for the learner to use. Reviews can be created and changed very easily by the admin of the system."

Alice N
Alice N
Head of Development & Learning

"The ease in which we can customize our reviews and the ease in which our audience can complete them - plus allows for remote PDRs"

Alex B.
Alex B.
Learning and Development Partner

Snapshot of key features


Manager dashboard

With an instant view of team and individual progress, managers can be confident that they are on track and provide instant support at the relevant time.

HR workflows

Instant notifications

Switch on optional notifications to stay completely in control of progress, comments and concerns from your team.


Informal feedback

Request, gather and track informal feedback on individuals to motivate and develop them.


User friendly interface

Not an icon left unturned that hasn’t been through the labs to ensure you get a world-class user experience.


Add your own style

No customized coding, specialist developers or additional services required. Rebrand the interface in just a few clicks.


Anytime, Anywhere

Constant access to your objectives allows you to instantly update, add comments and keep your manager informed on 'what a great job you are doing’ 24 hours a day.

Additional Resources


Learn how to empower your employees with self-directed learning and self-led development.

Case Study

Why Leading HR Tech companies use Sapling - People Data and Workflows


Watch experts from Kallidus & Sapling as we discuss the importance of learning and professional development to go from initial hire to high flyer.


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Learn how Sapling can help you automate your workflows and connect your people data across your existing systems.

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