Easily manage information for your different locations and teams

Sapling makes people admin a breeze for complex organizations

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Leading companies trust Sapling for their People Operations


Bring the whole team to Sapling with custom permission controls 

Set access controls for different functions within the Sapling platform

Create custom permission groups to collaborate with legal, IT, finance, and other departments with the right controls in place 

Grant temporary admin access to auditors 


Trigger notifications for events and approvals

Set up alerts to notify any number of individuals or custom groups of certain events such as time off requests, approvals, + more!


Create and send e-signatures for new and existing team in seconds

Send individual documents or create document packets 

Store indefinitely on Sapling and download anytime 

Require e-signature by one or more individuals


Make data changes a breeze with bulk actions

Bulk edit the same data field (like manager after a re-org) 

Bulk change and review individual data fields (like salaries after a promo cycle) 

Bulk request new data fields (like t-shirt sizes)  

Sapling works seamlessly with your other tools, enabling you to build the HR technology stack that suits you.

Your team deserves the best tools - connect Sapling with your Applicant Tracking System, Payroll, Performance Management and Identify Management systems.

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