Employee Experience

Employee Experience

Engage your people throughout their journey


Quick access to team members’ info such as title, department, location, manager, & contact. 

  • Create custom groups such as squads or tribes
  • Filter by department, location, or any custom group 
  • Easy access to powerful admin tools right from there 

Org chart

A real-time org chart to help your team visualize relationships between departments, teams, and people.  

  • Color coding by location, department or any custom group 
  • Search by individual, department, team or any custom group 
  • Share the whole org chart or parts of it internally or externally 


Personal and social profiles for each team member 

  • Custom data fields that help you reflect your company culture
  • Profile headers show anniversaries, birthdays, tenure, and PTO status 
  • Offers granular access control over public and private data and masks sensitive data by default 


Track profile and job related data such as promotions, salary adjustments and more. 

  • Keep archives of field history changes to comply with auditing and data retention regulations 
  • Control changes with approval chains 
  • Specify effective dates for changes to take place