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Onboarding with consistency, visibility and data 

Power your employee experience with Sapling


The future of HR and employee onboarding has arrived with Sapling! Studies have shown that employees are two times more likely to leave their employers that mishandle their onboarding process. It can cost $35-54K to replace an employee with a $75k salary. With that in mind, you must empower your employee onboarding experience to be the best it can be.

With one sole platform serving as the hub for onboarding it provides a consistent employee onboarding experience. Sapling’s main goal is to create a red carpet onboarding experience for all the players involved in setting up a new hire for success; from the HR team, to the managers, to the people operations team, to payroll, and IT, to the new hire themselves.

Sapling is a new kind of HR platform software for fast growing medium sized companies using G Suite. What this means is you can create your new hire’s email account in a single click, sync your HR data in with your calendar, build custom reports straight into Google Sheets, and manage HR activities from inside your inbox.

Sapling helps People Operations teams streamline and automate employee workflows, support data-driven decisions and be more strategic overall. In a nutshell, Sapling elevates the employee experience from onboarding to promotions to internal transfers to offboarding. It enables an engaging, personalized, and unique experience for your new hires. For instance, before your new hires first day at your organization they can already be acclimated to your company culture, be provided with a buddy, have insights into company history, and present themselves to the team. It’d important to establish and lay the groundwork for employee engagement within your organization during the onboarding period. People Operations team knows that building engaged employees does not happen organically. Every action item must get tracked and assigned to the right stakeholder for a successful timeline. Sapling solves the problem of HR being too manual and the high risk of data duplication. We are designed to be API first. Sapling’s employee onboarding platform also generates performance reports, insights, workflow management and many more tasks. With Sapling you can add time to your day.

Companies all over the world like UCSF, Udemy, KPMG, and Invision trust Sapling with their employee experience. We believe that when you can create a great employee experience, HR can better support teams to do their best work. For further information, visit .

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