Return to Work Planning: How to Make a Smooth Transition Back to Work

Thoughtful planning tips to bring your team members safely back to work in the wake of COVID-19.

The COVID-19 pandemic brought about many unexpected changes that have affected companies and their employees in a multitude of ways. As we enter 2021 with the vaccine finally in sight, many teams are beginning to evaluate how and when to safely embrace the new normal and return to the workplace. Whether you're preparing to bring back furloughed team members, hire seasonal workers, or prepare an action plan to ease your team back into office life – thoughtful planning can make a huge difference in a smooth transition.

In this ebook, we share key tips on how HR and People Ops can feel prepared to safely and successfully bring team members back to work. We'll cover 3 critical pieces of the return to work process:

1. Making decisions - What you need to know to decide if you're returning to the workplace, how to take a phased return approach, and what the future of remote work looks like

2. Administrative tasks - Where to go to check up to date guidelines, how to prepare your office space and create new policies, what contingency plans might look like, and how to approach bulk hiring

3. How to be intentional and strategic with your employee experience - Best ways to update your onboarding process and base infrastructure, how to communicate with your team during the process, and how to make sure your company culture stays alive

As we look to the future, it’s clear that some foresight and planning can help this chaotic time feel a little less stressful for our employees and People Ops teams. We're here to help you tame the chaos and create a memorable, effective workplace return experience.

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