Why Sapling Outscores Top Competitors

Sapling is built for growing companies that know their team deserves the best tools to succeed - with deeper integrations to other technologies, and more automation in your people workflows.

Growing companies evolve and change, and Sapling's tools empowers HR & IT teams to build, run and iterate on their people processes, and deliver an end user experience their people love.

You can build and auto-assign repeatable processes to enable your teams in every location, while still providing great visibility and aggregate data for People Ops leadership.

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Leading remote companies trust Sapling for their People Operations


Import more of your recruitment data

Sapling has deeper integrations with applicant tracking systems (ATS) to kickstart the onboarding process

This means more data flows from your ATS into Sapling, saving your recruitment and people operations team messy handoffs and manual data entry

BETTER Preboarding

Give new hires an incredible welcome experience

Introduce new hires to your company, culture, and team before their start date 

Give new hires access to update their personal profile and have them complete all required docs and tasks

Ensure every team member is set up for success from day one 


Collect the right data for each team member through Profile Templates

Empower local teams to ask the right questions during onboarding, offboarding or other transitions

Build unique employee record templates

Show, hide or require fields based on individual circumstances

ADVANCED Workflows

Auto-assign tasks and workflows for different locations, teams or employment types

Delegate tasks with confidence to empower each department and location

Eliminate manual checklists, data duplication and things being missed or slipped through the cracks


Automate the handoff to IT & Operations

Save your IT and Ops teams time by automating the set up of key systems

Integrate with all leading identity management providers including G-Suite, Okta, Onelogin, Active Directory and more


Analyze your program's performance with complete visibility

Streamline your admin processes and get high-level visibility of your onboarding pipeline

Stay on top of cross-functional tasks

Deep dive into individual progress with a click of a button  

See why Beat switched to Sapling to fuel their international growth

Beat’s existing HRIS no longer matched the company’s need for growth and international scale.

As the Beat team continued to grow from 300 to 600 employees across 5 countries and 2 continents, the company required an HRIS that could deliver scalability, consistency and advanced reporting on Beat’s global workforce.

The onboarding flow has helped all new hires make the manual and tiring process of collecting paperwork a fun and effortless task.

By day one Sapling enables Beat to amplify employee engagement.
Maria Koukou, Compensation & Benefits Manager

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