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Great onboarding that drives new hire success

Sapling's employee onboarding platform allows you to create red carpet onboarding experiences for all the players involved in setting up a new hire for success.

You'll be able to deliver a streamlined, automated and consistent program to new hires, managers, payroll and IT.

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How Sapling can automate your onboarding?


Syncs with applicant tracking systems (ATS) to kick start the onboarding process. Automatically pull candidate data from Lever, Google Hire, LinkedIn, & more! 


Give new hires a warm welcome and ensure they are ready for day one. 

  • Introduce new hires to your company, culture, and team before their start date 
  • Give new hires access to fill out personal profile and complete required docs and tasks


Save your IT and Ops teams time and money by automating the set up of key systems for new hires such as G-Suite, Okta, Onelogin, & more. 


Streamline your admin processes and get high-level visibility of your onboarding pipeline. 

  • Stay on top of cross-functional tasks
  • Deep dive to track individual progress 


Create and send docs to your new team members and track through e-signature

  • Send individual documents or create document packets 
  • Store indefinitely on Sapling and download anytime 
  • Supports single e-signature & document co-signing  

How Beat their amplifies engagement with onboarding

The onboarding flow has helped all new hires make the manual and tiring process of collecting paperwork a fun and effortless task. By day one Sapling enables Beat to amplify employee engagement

Maria Koukou, Compensation & Benefits Manager

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