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Sapling helps HR and People Teams save time, reduce risk and bring their remote and distributed teams together.

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Leading remote companies trust Sapling for their People Operations


Create and send e-signatures in seconds

Send individual documents or create document packets 

Store indefinitely on Sapling and download anytime 

Require e-signature by one or more individuals

Automatically assign relevant documents based on Location, Department, and Status


Make data changes a breeze with bulk actions

Bulk edit the same data field (like manager after a re-org) 

Bulk change and review individual data fields (like salaries after a promo cycle) 

Bulk request new data fields (like t-shirt sizes)  

How Earthjustice uses Sapling for their 14 locations across America

Growing rapidly and foreseeing that physical paperwork and manual data entry was not sustainable, Earthjustice’s HR team found Sapling.  

Today they are able to customize their new hire experience, ensure new hires have a consistent process with onboarding workflows for their internal stakeholders - all made visible in an intuitive dashboard.

The Sapling team went above and beyond in supporting our changeover process - assisting in digitizing all our documents, sharing best practices and making sure we set-up a streamlined program
Natasha Diamond, HR Director of Talent Management
Manager Updates

Help managers support their teams

Automatically inform managers about important team milestones (like anniversaries and birthdays)

Get notifications on which team members are starting or coming back from time off

Sapling has cut the time we spend collecting new hire information and tracking employee leave in half - at least.

This saves us over $250,000 in productive time each quarter.
Yasmine Elkabir, Director of HR

How AiFi Built a Global Employee Hub with Sapling’s People Operations Platform

Task automation empowered AiFi’s People Operations team to organize processes across different types of employees - full time and contract.

Additionally, having Sapling as the employee hub provided access to information for all relevant stakeholders to create an excellent new hire experience from day one without all of the lost productivity.

Don’t take our word for it.
Sapling is a top rated HRIS software
and loved by employees

"The amount of information and ease to know what to do is second to none."

"I have started at several companies before and the Sapling experience is making my current process the easiest."

"I love its ease and flexibility of use"

"Core HR is key and this makes sapling a must have. Implementation was easy and the tool is very intuitive."


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