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Engage your people throughout their journey

Sapling's employee experience platform allows you to engage your people throughout their journey.

You'll be able to deliver a streamlined, automated and consistent program to new hires, managers, payroll and IT.

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How Sapling can elevate your employee experience


Quick access to team member information

Filter your People Directory by department, location, or group 

Organize your team into custom groups such as squads or tribes

Easily access powerful admin tools directly from the directory


Visualize relationships between departments, teams, and people

Color code your org chart by location, department or any custom group 

Search by any individual, department, team or group 

Share the whole org chart or parts of it internally or externally 


Personal and social profiles for each team member 

Custom data fields help to reflect your company culture

Profile headers show anniversaries, birthdays, tenure, and PTO status 

Offer granular access control over public vs. private data and mask sensitive data by default 


Track profile and job related data such as promotions, salary adjustments, and more 

Keep archives of field history changes to stay compliant with auditing and data retention regulations 

Control changes with approval chains 

Specify effective dates for changes to take place

How Apartment List built a streamlined and consistent Employee Experience

Sapling’s been amazing for providing a consistent employee experience for new hires. It’s no longer necessary to check-in, chase and reminds other employees because it’s all tracked and managed by Sapling.

Fallon Roche, People Operations at Apartment List

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