Information and resources to help you navigate these challenging times

As the COVID-19 pandemic continues to evolve across the globe, People Operations and HR teams have been tasked with helping their teams stay safe and productive.

To help, we’ve compiled the most-helpful response plans and remote work content and will continue to add additional resources as they are published.

Know about a great resource that’s missing? Please tell us about it here and we’ll review.

Transitioning to remote work

Sapling Resources

How to Build Inclusivity Programs for Distributed Teams - onboarding and activities for remote teams

Humanizing Employee Onboarding for your Remote Workforce -Help your remote workers be productive and feel connected to your organization by tailoring an onboarding program to fit their unique needs

How to Make Your Onboarding Interactive for Remote Teams: Q&A with Ashley Priebe Brown, Senior Onboarding Specialist at Zapier

remote work for people operations

From People Leaders

Humanizing Onboarding and Offboarding for your Remote Workforce with Courtney Gannon, People Operations Director at InVision

How to Pivot to Remote Work During the Coronavirus Emergency - Webflow's VP of People, Heather Doshay. and Lattice CEO, Jack Altman discuss the challenges and opportunities

A Guide to Managing Your (Newly) Remote Workers - an extensive guide from the Harvard Business Review on Working From Home

How Holler is Handling COVID-19 - how Travis Montague, Founder & CEO at Holler, has switched his team to a fully remote operation

Open source materials

From the Community

LifeLabs COVID-19 People Ops Prep - a comprehensive doc for HR leaders to share ideas, policies, and templates

COVID-19 Company Playbook, templates and guidance from 100+ contributors at top companies including LifeLabs, Coinbase, Fictiv, DuoLingo, Lattice, Earnest, GitLab, Hubspot, Beeswax

Culture Amp Emergency Response Survey Template - Collect information from your team to inform your next steps

Atlasssian's Remote Work Guide - Teamwork takes work — especially when teams are remote

Compliance and support resources