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Efficiently manage Core HR across multiple locations

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Deliver a consistent employee experience, regardless of timezone and department

Sapling allows you to trigger new hire onboarding by integrating with your ATS system. You can curate new hires onboarding by role type, geography and more - ensuring a great first experience..

Sapling’s onboarding solution allows new hires to learn the history of your organization, complete their profile and paperwork and get key introductions, all before their start date.

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Social and engaging — unlike any other HR platform

Sapling keeps your team connected with Org Charts, Team Directories, Calendars and interactive Team Profiles, fostering team alignment, with a vibrant people directory and org chart.

Sapling’s focus on the employee experience makes the platform simple for managers, new hires, and HR professionals alike - no matter how tech savvy your organization.

Great HR experiences helps you retain top talent and is essential to extending employee lifecycle. Help your people connect and grow with their teammates in an interactive platform where they can feel right at home.

Track time off programs and out-of-office with a globally integrated calendar

Sapling’s time off tracking makes the request and approval experience a breeze for employees and managers, meaning fewer forgotten entries and zero lost data.

You’ll be able to take a load off your mind knowing that Sapling is automatically tracking, syncing, and integrating time off requests and approvals, while providing a great employee experience.

Sapling’s calendar allows your to track all leave requests, as well as other key events such as birthdays, milestones and public holidays.

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Increase team productivity + compliance with an intelligent workflow and document signing engine

Streamline processes and reduce compliance risk with customizable workflows and a robust document signing and storage engine, allowing your team to manage a predictable and repeatable process from onboarding to offboarding.

One system of record, with global visibility and smart dashboards

WIth an international employee base, it’s tough to keep employee data accurate when information is scattered across spreadsheets, paper files and multiple payroll systems.

Sapling allows you to have all your HR data securely stored in one central platform, where your entire team can enter, update, and check employee records in an instant, and you’ll never have to second-guess your accuracy again.

You’ll have increase accountability and visibility, and with role based access control, ensure  all stakeholders are only able to see and report on information that they should have access to.


Run custom reports with deep data visualizations

Get a high-level status across an entire organization at a glance, or dive deeper to track individual progress.

Sapling puts easy, beautiful reports and analytics at your fingertips, and can help you generate a variety of reports in a matter of minutes, so you can make strategic, proactive decisions.

You’ll be able to generate detailed reports on your data with just a few clicks, from headcount reports, growth charts or Shirt sizes - our reporting gives you the data you need to move forward with confidence.


Connect Sapling with your downstream Payroll + HR systems

Support your Finance and Payroll team by sending Payroll data exactly where it needs to go with Sapling’s extensive range of integration partners, eliminating manual entry and data errors, and the need to compromise on world-class software for every business need.


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