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Sapling is a coreHR platform that creates an engaging and personalized experience for your employees without adding any additional work for your team. The streamlined processes eliminates the risk of time-wasting paperwork for HR and IT and also eliminates data duplication with custom workflows, document templates, and triggered emails. We’re redesigning the future of coreHR to help HR and People Operations elevate their roles because we know that when you create a great employee experience, HR can better support their teams to do their best work.

It’s imperative that you engage your employees throughout their employee experience and that starts with Sapling’s red carpet onboarding experience. Within the employee self-service portal your employees can fill-out and sign documents electronically as well as explore and discover their peers and organization. By streamlining processes, you can also reduce risk of non-compliance and minimize inefficient back and forth emails across 

departments. Team members can complete tasks directly from their email so their workflows can be simplified and ensures that you have complete visibility on coreHR processes.

Within Sapling’s coreHR platform there’s a lot you and your new hire can do. For instance, the robust, company-branded dashboard will centralize your communication and track your employee’s onboarding tasks, so nothing in their automated workflows is missed. Sapling’s HRIS offers integrated time off management. The interface is designed to be simple to use for your team, managers and administrators. You can actually create custom policies to track and manage employee time-off with visibility and consistency. What’s great is this can also be used in parallel with Sapling’s calendar integrations for a full and comprehensive view across the organization.

Sapling’s HRIS also has a dynamic and interactive org chart and team directory that gives your team members real-time changes for employee departures, title changes, contact information and more, so everyone saves time from having to update multiple systems. Plus, with the Sapling’s HRIS people directory, your team can stay connected with their location, team and other groups -- at work, at home, or on the go on their mobile.

Sapling seeks to eliminate manual data entry for HR and provide a seamless employee experience. Therefore, Sapling is also perfectly integrated with the other tools you are already using. Our platform will sync across your key systems including: ATS, payroll, benefits and productivity tools to ensure a consistent employee experience, while allowing IT and other departs to retain their existing workflows with streamlined input from HR.

Sapling’s coreHR also makes managing onboarding and offboarding easier because our platform is built for mid-size companies using G Suite. You’ll be able to manage coreHR activities from inside your Gmail inbox and keep your team on track with automated reminders and triggered notifications. That means you can set up and send email reminders across locations and teams and with the calendar integration you can sync relevant information straight into your team members calendars so workflows and project management can be aligned across your organization.

Companies all over the world like UCSF, Udemy, KPMG, and Invision trust Sapling with their employee experience. For further information, visit .

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