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Brightspots: The crossroads of High-Performance x High-Retention

Retention and high performance is at the forefront of all HR leaders minds, but how do we accomplish that? How do we integrate our employees into the company culture? Tune into Meridith Haberfield’s, CEO of ThinkHuman, provide insightful notes and strategies on how to accomplish this.  

Meredith Haberfeld

Meredith Haberfeld

CEO and Founder | ThinkHuman

ThinkHuman CEO Meredith Haberfeld has 15-plus years of experience as a consultant to fast-growth organizations—think Spotify, Goldman Sachs and SoulCycle. She’s conducted original research on employee engagement, but she’s best known for her work with executives, entrepreneurs and their teams. Meredith teaches at top educational institutions (MIT, Pace University, The Esalen Institute and others) and is a frequent expert for media outlets including The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, BusinessWeek, CNBC, CNN, Fast Company and Forbes.Aaron is an early and Mid-Stage Marketing Executive with experience launching, growing, and developing high-performing teams.

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