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Beyond the Survey: Collecting, Understanding and Acting on Employee Feedback

Join Culture Amp's Sr. People Scientist, Craig Forman, as he takes you through his own personal story of why survey's weren't doing enough to move the needle on employee engagement. You'll dive into the do's and dont's of collecting feedback and tangible tips that will drive engagement. 


Craig Forman

Sr. People Scientist | Culture Amp

I am obsessed with how humans work, both individually and at the group level. Given the percentage of our lives that is spent at work, I believe that the more connected to and inspired by our work and workplace we can be, the better we are as humans, and thus the more successful our organizations will be. I am working to improve the state of our workplaces by supporting organizations in two distinct, yet complementary ways:
- I enable companies to efficiently gather feedback from their employees
- I empower individuals to use this data and take actions which will have a measurable impact on employee engagement and corporate culture.
- I am also involved in developing a larger community of like-minded individuals (#PeopleGeeks & #PeopleGeeksWrite) who want to play a part in impacting organizational culture, join this movement, and revamp the way we work.

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