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The Power of Personal Development Objectives to Unlock the Potential of your People

Most companies know you should be setting quarterly business objectives for the entire company, every team, and each individual. By taking advantage of the same format & cadence to set personal development objectives, you can ensure that every person in your company is on a journey to continual learning and growth. Learn from Shane Metcalf, how to set that cadence. 


Shane Metcalf

CCO | 15Five

Shane Metcalf is a seasoned executive coach and speaker who is obsessed with building healthy organizations and creating the opportunity for people to have meaningful work and meaningful relationships. Driven by his deep belief in the potential of our species, Shane co-founded 15Five, industry-leading performance management software that is unlocking the potential of the global workforce.

As Chief Culture Officer, Shane understands what fundamentally motivates people, how to architect high performance, and which principles and rituals create “self-organizing cultures”. Along with his co-founder, David Hassell, Shane has developed the Best-Self Management methodology and the HumansNotResources podcast where they explore the art, science, and personal experience of high performance at work and in life

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