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 Customer Story

Streamlining Documents, Automating Workflows, and syncing with ADP Workforce Now

The Challenge 

OnDeck lacked a technology-enabled onboarding program, mailing out physical paperwork to new hires, running paper-based checklists and lacking connectivity between their recruitment and payroll system (ADP Workforce Now).

The Solution

Sapling’s technology supported the People Operations team to move to digital e-signature, coordinate workflow management, and automatically streamline employee data to ADP, all while providing a world class onboarding experience for new hires.

The Results

OnDeck's employee base has grown 31% with Sapling. The OnDeck People Operations team moved to a technology enabled program, saving them over 800 hours to date in managing new hires paperwork, tasks, and entering employee data.


Growing rapidly in the fintech space, OnDeck’s People Operations team identified the need for technology to be the backbone of their onboarding program.

The team was manually posting new hire documents, often leading to long lead times and limited visibility. From there, the People Operations team were running paper-based checklists, and the handoff to their finance team saw them manually inputting data into their system of record, ADP Workforce Now.

This manual and error prone system wouldn’t be sustainable as they expanded office locations and headcount.

The OnDeck People Operations team sought a solution that would help solve these pain points.


What is OnDeck?
A non-bank small business lender

Where do they work?
New York City

How big is the company?
475 employees globally

Where can I learn more?


Realizing that developing this capability in-house would be cost-prohibitive and unscalable, the team identified five core features they were screening third-party vendors for in the evaluation of an onboarding solution.

The team at OnDeck looked at several vendors, selecting Sapling in August 2016 after a thorough RFP process evaluating core functionality, data security, and integration capability with ADP Workforce Now.

“Sapling has a unique Customer Success model - many of their team members come from the People Operations industry and have designed Onboarding Programs for large companies, so we felt we were in very safe hands” - said Tracey Abut - People Operations Business Partner at OnDeck.

"We saw the team at Sapling as genuinely invested in the success of our onboarding program."

Tracey Abut

People Operations Business Partner


By leveraging Sapling’s embedded connectivity with E-Signatures (HelloSign), Recruitment systems (Greenhouse) and Payroll (ADP Workforce Now), OnDeck were able to cut their time spent on manual onboarding tasks from 5 hours to 30 minutes per new hire.

The People Operations team built out New Hire Document Packets by location in Sapling which was sent to new hires pre-start date, and completed digitally in Sapling’s preboarding portal.

The OnDeck team was able to customize and deploy pre-start and post-start workflows for their internal stakeholders - allowing them to run a streamlined and consistent process for their new hires, which was tracked and made visible in an intuitive dashboard.

Lastly, Sapling’s integration with ADP Workforce Now saw that all information collected from the recruitment system, the new hire and other internal stakeholders was sent to ADP, saving their finance team considerable time and effort inputting data manually.


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