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 Customer Story

Creating a Strategic Onboarding Experience

The Challenge 

DigitalOcean needed to create a strategic onboarding program to fuel new hire success.

The Solution

Sapling partnered with DigitalOcean’s People Operations team to craft together an intentional, strategic onboarding initiative which focuses on new hire productivity, rather than assigning surface-level checklists.

The Results

Automating 84 tasks per employee has saved over 1,000 hours of work across several departments, enabling DigitalOcean’s People Operations Team to devote that time to increasing new hire satisfaction and accelerating time to value.


DigitalOcean had long been committed to employee success, building out a robust People team and HR tech stack to proactively address key people operations needs as their team grew.

However, their existing onboarding process remained administrative and burdensome, crippling their ability to build a strategic onboarding program.

“We needed a solution that we could leverage and utilize to help employees find success in their roles over time,” said People Operations Specialist, Yoojin Lim Levelle. “We were growing so quickly, we could no longer afford to be bogged down by administrative tasks.”


What is DigitalOcean?
Cloud and infrastructure services for developers and engineers.

Where do they work?
New York City

How big is the company?
400 employees globally

Where can I learn more?



DigitalOcean turned to Sapling to streamline administrative tasks so they could focus their time and attention on what really matters: helping new hires become as successful as possible, as quickly as possible.

To do that, Yoojin and team set up workstreams in Sapling to automate the 84 tasks per employee it takes to onboard a new hire. “I’m trying to take the manual aspects of my job and automate them,” Yoojin shared. “Sapling is a huge part of taking away that manual work, freeing up my bandwidth to think about how and why we onboard employees, and not just what needs to get done.”

"Leveraging leading technology like Sapling as the backbone of our onboarding efforts has helped us ensure we're supporting high performance for our new hires, and increasing long-term retention"

Matt Hoffman

VP People


With Sapling, DigitalOcean has onboarded over 70 employees in six months, managing 1,000+ onboarding activities every month through Sapling.

But it’s not just the People Operations team at DigitalOcean that feels the benefits of using Sapling. “We send out a survey to new hires after 7, 30, and 90 days so we can understand how we’re doing,” Yoojin revealed.

“We consistently hear from new hires that they appreciated the clarity provided by Sapling’s pre-boarding portal, which helps them understand what they should do on their first day, week, month and quarter."  

"Sapling allows us to strategically organize and structure our new hire onboarding experience with intention and clarity, and the results speak for themselves.” 


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