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 Customer Story

Scaling Onboarding to Fuel New Hire Success

The Challenge 

1stdibs lacked an efficient onboarding program, leaving new hires with inconsistent experiences and an unstructured first few months.

The Solution

Sapling’s task management streamlines and scales administrative onboarding tasks, while its roadmaps provide 1stdibs new hires with a clear picture of the responsibilities and expectations for their first 90 days.

The Results

By connecting Sapling with Greenhouse (ATS), Namely (HRIS), and JIRA (IT task management), 1stdibs has been able to save 600 hours in the last 5 months, while bringing aboard over 40 new hires.


With rapid employee growth ahead, the 1stdibs People team knew it wouldn’t be enough to just focus on hiring—a solid onboarding program would be necessary to turn new hires into successful employees.

“Our onboarding process was just an automated email from our HRIS asking new hires to fill out a few forms”, said Employee Experience Specialist Eva Amesse. "A new hire’s first day was welcoming, but it wasn’t structured. We had little consistency or repeatability in ramping up new hires across different teams or locations.”

The 1stdibs team sought a solution that would help support employee development beyond just their first day.


What is 1stdibs?
An online marketplace for vintage furniture, jewelry, and fine art.

Where do they work?
NYC, London, Lithuania

How big is the company?
350 employees globally

Where can I learn more?



The 1stdibs team looked to Sapling to standardize administrative onboarding tasks while also adding structure and consistency to an employee’s first 90 days.

Together with Sapling’s customer success team, Eva created workstreams to automate once manual tasks like getting a new hire’s systems access set up and making sure managers scheduled one-on-ones and goal setting meetings.

With Sapling’s templates and onboarding best practices to guide them, 1stdibs had their pre-boarding portal built within 4 days. “Automated workstreams, reminders and task management allow me to know what’s happening across all our offices,” Eva noted, “so I no longer have to chase people down and ask ‘did you do this?’”.

But it was implementing Sapling’s roadmaps to structure an employee’s first 90 days that really transformed the 1stdibs onboarding process into a strategic initiative.

"When you start a new job, you don’t know what’s expected of you.


Sapling helps new hires feel more comfortable right from the start, and give managers the structure to train new hires faster."

Eva Amesse

Employee Experience Associate


By connecting Sapling with Greenhouse (ATS), Namely (HRIS), and JIRA (IT task management), 1stdibs has been able to cut time spent on manual onboarding tasks for its 324 automated activities per month.

After onboarding 40 new hires in 5 months, that amounts to 600 hours in time saved, allowing Eva and the People Operations team to focus on enabling new hires to become successful, contributing employees.


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