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Why Labelbox loves Sapling - “it just keeps getting better”

Learn how Labelbox connects Lever, Gusto, and Okta through Sapling's People Operations Platform.



Founded in 2018 and based in San Francisco, Labelbox is a collaborative training data platform for computer vision machine learning applications. Rather than requiring companies to create their own expensive and incomplete homegrown tools, they've created the world's first training data platform that acts as a central hub for humans to interface with AI.

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Labelbox has 60 team members, with the majority of their team based out of San Francisco.

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Abby Anderson, a one person People Operations team at Labelbox, was overseeing a wide-range of responsibilities across HR, including: Recruiting, Human Resources, Payroll, and Company Compliance. 

Having joined in August 2019 and inheriting a lot of different systems and spreadsheets, she knew maintaining a consistent process and self-serve employee experience would be challenging as the team continued to grow. Furthermore, with Labelbox undergoing its SOC audit - task tracking and compliance would be critical for their audit period success. 

While the team already had some world-class tools in place – Lever for applicant tracking, Gusto for payroll, and Okta for IT provisioning – there was still a lot of invisible work getting the right information into each tool. Abby remembers, “Gusto was great for payroll, but we knew we needed a more sophisticated platform for our people operations needs.” 

Coming up to their Series B financing, Labelbox anticipated a huge influx in hiring. They needed to find a solution that would house all their employee data, automate their employee experience, eliminate manual data entry from Lever and Gusto, and deliver a great end user experience.

Sapling has become our employee bible now… people directory, all the links, documents, workflows…. Everything!
Abby Anderson, People Operations Manager at Labelbox


Abby selected Sapling for her People Operations platform as she knew it could be her centralized source of truth for employee data, help scale their team, and offer critical flexibility to change tools as the company grew.

Abby recalled, “Sapling allowed us to collect and store all our data in one spot and help me understand our people. Everything I think of I can add as a question in the platform - whether it’s adding relocation bonuses, pay schedules, or buddy assignments.”

Sapling’s Documents repository (covering e-signing, storage, and more) has been the biggest timesaver for Abby and her team. Sapling offers a central document repository for everything they need to collect for new, existing and departing hires.

“Sapling’s Documents feature has been a game changer! We used to have a separate Docusign license which was another system. But now everything is tracked and auto-assigned within one platform.”

“Everyone gets the same documents, I can pull up reports on Sexual harassment training, GDPR, security, upload offer letters…. it all lives in one place. Best yet - I can iterate on the fly. Just yesterday I added a new document upload request for Driver License so it’s collected from everyone and in the platform already”

Outside of Documents, Abby mentioned the broader team’s deep appreciation for the visibility that Sapling provides through Sapling Calendars.  

Whether it’s congratulating people on work anniversaries, having visibility on upcoming birthdays, or being alerted to new events - the whole team has access to the information they need to enhance the employee experience and foster a culture of community.

We touched base with Brian Rieger, Chief Operating Officer at Labelbox, who mentioned "Sapling has become our much-needed source of truth for employee information. This has enabled us to dramatically improve our new hire onboarding experience and up-level our People Ops function. Onboarding is one of the most influential times in an employee's tenure at your company and keeping everyone aligned with Sapling as the source of truth is our key to making it count."  


Sapling has helped Labelbox consolidate their disparate systems, automate busy work, reduce manual processes, and deliver a great experience for their team.  

“Sapling has become our employee bible now… people directory, all the links, documents, workflows…. Everything!” says Abby.

Leveraging Sapling documents and timestamps was also a major factor in Labelbox's successful completion of their SOC2 audit.

Sapling’s recent release of Smart Assignment saved Abby and her team time and increased process compliance.

“Sapling importing the recruitment data from Lever, knowing that Albert (one of their new hires) is in Engineering and automatically assigning all those documents and workflows was huge”

To date, they’ve onboarded over 30 team members with 85% of their team active in the platform, using Sapling’s Org Charts, Time Off, and People Directory. “Everybody loves it… questions can be answered and I have more time to focus on the strategic parts of my role” says Abby.

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