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Why Algolia believes purpose-built onboarding technology gets the best results for their new hires.


Growing rapidly following a new round of financing, Algolia's people team was charged with growing their 60 person team by 10 new hires per month across four international offices (Paris, Atlanta, New York City and San Francisco).

Originally managing their onboarding program through an Asana checklist with over 100 workflows per new hire, the People Operations Team was sending multiple emails with little visibility into their program.

Furthermore, various managers across the Algolia had spent time building sophisticated and well-documented knowledge bases of Algolia's product and service offering, however they lacked the structure for new hires to focus on accessing the right content for their role.


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Algolia is the single best way to build search into your mobile app or website

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In early 2016, Algolia implemented Sapling’s purpose-built onboarding technology to deliver a scalable and automated onboarding program.

Sapling's templates and customizable emails enabled Algolia's People Team and Hiring managers to reduce the number manual processes, while structured and repeatable onboarding plans allowed new hires to get up to speed faster, and focus their attention on the right training content for their role.

Lastly, Sapling's dashboards and anayltics provided their People Operations team with clear visibility of onboarding activities to ensure a consistent and streamlined process for new hires.


Sapling provided Algolia's People Team and Team Leads with visibility and consistency that was previously lacking on an average 100 workflows per new hire, and eliminated the need to manually send multiple emails to each new hire.

As headcount doubled within 12 months, Sapling has helped the Algolia team save an estimated 10 hours in lost productivity per new hire by ensuring they had the structure and tools they needed to succeed.