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Upserve + Sapling: Powering L&D for the employee experience

Upserve was seeking to elevate their employee experience and drive automation across their recruitment, talent management, payroll and IT systems as they scaled their team across multiple new locations, with an HR presence in only 50% of the locations.



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In October 2017, Upserve were seeking to improve their new hire Experience and reduce manual work from the Talent & Operations as they grew from 175 to 250 people in 2018.

Lori Meeks, Senior Talent Business Partner, was charged with exploring new technologies for onboarding new hires to replace their previous platform, Zenefits. The team needed a scalable solution that integrated with their existing HRIS and payroll platform, Paylocity. They also used Trello for onboarding checklists, IT and office operations were using Zendesk and documentation was inconsistent and difficult to maintain.

Headquartered in Rhode Island, Upserve’s team was expanding in New York, San Francisco and Denver. Their HR team’s presence is only in 50% of their offices, so they needed something to manage the documentation process and ensure a consistent and data-driven employee experience across multiple locations that was not too technical during the employee experience.

Upserve was heavily focused on systems integration and data integrity across a variety of systems that they were using, including: GSuite, Jira, Salesforce, 7Geese, SFDC, Netsuite, OKTA and Workato..

"Sapling is setting the bar for HR technology and I cannot think of another HR tech platform where I’ve accomplished and developed the environment we dreamed of." "Sapling also doesn’t abandon you once you’ve been implemented." "It’s been a game changer. Sapling dramatically improved our team’s ability to communicate and resolve potential problems with a new hire before they get to the office. "
Lori Meeks, Senior Talent Business Partner


For Upserve, what set Sapling apart from its competitors was the impressive workflow management. With the support of Sapling’s customer success team, Upserve significantly improved the efficiency and reduced the margin for error when migrating their onboarding activities from a Trello board that consisted of up to 82 steps across 3 to 6 people, to Sapling’s platform.

Implementing Sapling within five weeks, Lori was able to set up Upserve’s new hire onboarding program with workflows to automate the 50+ tasks that were being completed for each hire. The team reports they were impressed with the speed of the implementation and with the support they received during the process, with particular praise for the flexibility, patience, and responsiveness of Sapling’s customer success team.

Upserve also set-up Sapling to provide the infrastructure their extensive new hire learning programs, linking out to key content and resources and using Sapling for tracking, managing and reminding employees of their responsibilities. Sapling allowed them to provide new hires with pre start learning activities, to establish timelines for key learning milestones, and track the progress of new hires through their learning journey. Within a month of implementing Sapling, Upserve successfully used Sapling to manage the first iteration of their 6-week Customer Support Bootcamp program. Future plans for using Sapling to support continued L&D activities beyond onboarding are currently in the works.

Furthermore, Upserve was able to structure and coordinate an Onboarding, Training, Workforce Transition and Offboarding program through Sapling, and are excited to partner with Sapling as we innovate and release added HR platform functionality. This allowed them to manage other common HR workflows like a promotion process, an employee relocation or a department change, ensuring that all necessary administrative tasks are completed correctly and assigning appropriate learning activities related to the change in question.

In Lori’s own words, “Our new hires come in immediately feeling more comfortable with our work environment. Sapling provides new hires with a greater level of understanding about our history, culture, and products, giving them the context they need to be successful from day one.
It’s also impactful that they have the opportunity to learn about and see the faces of the people they’ll be working with before they arrive at the office.


Upserve built a streamlined and consistent employee onboarding program that provided a great new hire experience for everyone involved and streamlined the process for internal stakeholders.

Candidate data is imported from HireBridge, their Applicant Tracking System, automatically into Sapling. Afterwards, the team confirms the new hire data, and initiates the new hire onboarding in a process that saves hours of time if completed manually.

From there, Sapling automatically provisions the new hire’s G Suite and Okta account for the HR data - saving their IT team in manual data entry, emails and also reducing the chance of any errors.

Internal stakeholders are notified and complete assigned onboarding tasks, through a sequence of triggered and scheduled emails coordinated during the process. Stakeholders can communicate with one another within Sapling and view the status of others’ tasks, which allows for a degree of transparency not available on other platforms, and which has dramatically increased the team’s efficiency.

Once their new hires complete preboarding, the employee data is automatically sent to Paylocity, ensuring the Upserve payroll team has everything they need from both the new hire, manager and people operations.

She added, “What Sapling has enabled us to do is so much more robust and extensive for new hires than we could have imagined.
Sapling has delivered on the promises made during the initial evaluation, and onboarding has become so much more valuable to the Upserve team since its implementation. We’ve moved fully onto Sapling for managing new hire onboarding tasks and have eliminated other technologies.
Sapling has saved us money and increased productivity. ”

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