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SafetyCulture: Leveraging Sapling's HRIS solution with API integrations to build a data-driven people team

SafetyCulture’s People Ops team didn’t have a single source of truth for their people data and their team was growing fast. Providing the best onboarding experience possible for new hires was time-consuming and their team knew they needed to find a solution to better optimize their onboarding workflow.



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SafetyCulture grew rapidly from 75 to 320 employees throughout 2018. During that growth, Nick Ingall, Head of People & Culture at SafetyCulture, knew the importance of onboarding and how first impressions create lasting impressions. He sought out a solution that would support his people operations team to transition away from time-consuming Google Doc workflows that couldn’t be trusted as a single source of truth for their people data.

It was time-consuming for Nick’s team to pull data points from isolated and different systems so much so that data accuracy was questionable and not always up-to-date.

At SafetyCulture, the Talent Acquisition team owns new hire onboarding. They work closely with hiring managers with the goal of creating a world-class employee experience for new hires. For example, meeting with hiring managers prior to beginning the recruitment process to create 6-month plans for their new hires, with key steps, key initiatives, and milestones that each hire would need to reach for a successful onboarding. With gold-standard expectations, SafetyCulture’s chosen onboarding solution needed to augment this workflow and help with continuing the world-class hiring experience throughout the new hires’ first 90 days.

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“Sapling’s UX and UI is clean and easy to use, we receive zero support calls and queries on day one. Our program manager can now spend 70% of their time on key strategic initiatives. Sapling has allowed the people team to use data to define the decisions we needed to make.”
Nick Ingall, Head of People & Culture at SafetyCulture


Sapling solved the problems that SafetyCulture was trying to solve around building a data-driven and scalable world-class, onboarding experience.

With Sapling, from offer to onboarding, SafetyCulture has the support they need to give a red-carpet onboarding experience that can scale as their team grows exponentially.

The flexibility in creating their onboarding boot camps and detailed, flexible workflows, for hiring managers is one major problem that SafetyCulture solved with Sapling.

“Once you set up the initial workflow in Sapling, it’s easy to repeat with consistency and visibility said, Nick. He adds, “From the hiring manager perspective, or from the Chief of Staff perspective, we are saving 2 or 3 hours per hire for a 6-month new employee workflow.”

Before, the entire role was administrative and required a full-time employee to manage. Now, Nick’s team only focuses 25-30% of the program manager’s time on onboarding.

For the broader team, Sapling solves the typical confusion of the new employee’s first day. Sapling is the answer to daily support messages from their worldwide hires regarding travel, lodging, even visa requirements that took time to manually resolve per new hire.


Sapling’s onboarding workflow can extend for over a year if needed, which suits SafetyCulture’s philosophy on managing the employee’s initial tenure at the company. Past onboarding, Sapling's HRIS solution is a vital resource that keeps information updated when individuals make professional changes at SafetyCulture.

“Sapling has been a huge reason why we score 8/10 for our onboarding program,” said Nick. SafetyCulture enjoys a very low attrition rate, and according to Nick, many employees share that their onboarding experience at SafetyCulture was the best they’ve ever had. “70% of our employees go above and exceed their onboarding expectations” added Nick.

Most recently, SafetyCulture has found Sapling’s API to be an integral part of their performance initiative. “Sapling has allowed the people team to finally be data-driven in our approach,” said Nick, adding, “We built an entire performance dashboard and Sapling is the backbone for our engagement surveys, Lattice, performance measurement, Qualtrix for engagement, and our 360 snapshot data.” Sapling's HRIS enables the People Ops team to confidently pull data points and get a visual on people performance. According to Nick, this also built trust, transparency, and respect from their data-driven team and execs.

“Sapling has allowed the people team to use data to define the decisions we needed to make. It allows us to be both proactive in identifying opportunities in the future and looking at what we need to change today based on existing feedback,” said Nick.

With Sapling as the source of truth for all of their HR solutions data, SafetyCulture can easily rely on the reports produced by the People Ops team. This is especially important for their senior leadership team to see where to focus efforts on people development and how to replicate their successes across the team.

Nick added, “Sapling has increased confidence in our People Team and trust and respect from the entire business.”

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