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IQPC: Leveraging Sapling's HRIS to unlock the potential of people through data and best-practice employee experiences

How IQPC leveraged Sapling to support their global workforce and increase employee satisfaction.



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IQPC has over 1000 employees dispersed through eight countries, and fourteen different business divisions. With a business of this size, Esther Smith, Global Head of People at IQPC, recognized the need for visibility and transparent processes in order to better support their talent.

Before Sapling, IQPC had no standardized onboarding process. The quality and depth of the experience varied from office-to-office, and in some cases, even manager to manager. Esther wanted to move away from spreadsheets, but was mindful of not over-complicating processes. When she saw Sapling she thought “the interface was clean, modern and aligned to the look and feel of the social media platforms that our employees are already comfortable with.”


“We are right at the beginning of our HR automation journey and while it’s important to take things one step at a time, the ability to find a partner that would grow alongside our capability was really exciting.”
Esther Smith, Global Head of People


IQPC deployed Sapling’s onboarding and offboarding module to help set new hires up for success. Esther found the system “simple to use, yet comprehensive in its functionality.” And through Sapling’s solution, IQPC was able to solve their two main goals: improve new hire’s integration into the business and develop an employee database to help better manage talent. With the help of Sapling’s Customer Success team, IQPC had a seamless implementation process that involved onboarding each office separately.

Now they are confident that every employee has the same start and introduction to IQPC. And with the correct access and information available prior to each new hire’s first day, employees can settle into their roles quickly and inclusively. In terms of managing Sapling, Esther said, “It’s easy to customize and can be managed 99% by the HR team without the need for external or IT intervention”

Looking forward, IQPC plans to expand their data capture, add more automated training programs and develop workflows that support ongoing transitions through the employee lifecycle. “Putting employee experience first and setting our team up for success right from day one is a business imperative,” says Esther Smith “and our Sapling partnership is proving to be key in achieving this”.


Being able to move off of spreadsheets and onto an automated onboarding and HRIS system that connected all the moving parts together has been instrumental in enabling IQPC to maintain visibility and control over their HR systems and data. IQPC continues to grow and lean on Sapling to help further automate their HR processes, and Esther and her team are confident that Sapling is the right product to have by their side for this.

Sapling’s onboarding solution was able to help IQPC score 80%+ employee satisfaction ratings at the 30-day mark, a significant increase to previous results. And Sapling continues to support not just onboarding, but other key HR processes as well. Historically, performance review completion rates were inconsistent, but a pilot project in their New York Business showed that by leveraging Sapling workflows, IQPC was able to improve completion rates by 50%+. Esther attributes much of this success to the transparency Sapling provides, enabling the HR Team to easily run reports, track progress and remove bottlenecks as they occur.

IQPC believes that their HR automation progress will continue to steadily improve in 2019, not least of all because

“Sapling is both scalable and manageable, allowing us to grow at a pace and budget that meets our needs.”

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