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How Sapling helped Versapay rapidly double their workforce internationally

Learn how Versapay uses Sapling to support their team’s current and future needs while growing internationally



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Based across North America, Versapay is rapidly expanding internationally.

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The People Ops team at Versapay lacked a single source of truth for all of their important people data. With team members spread across multiple international locations, Versapay was using different HR systems for different countries. For example, in Canada they used BambooHR, while in the US they used Paylocity. With siloed HR data, Versapay's People Ops team had limited visibility of key information needed to make informed decisions. 

Using multiple HR systems created unnecessary manual work for the People Ops team and was hindering their ability to operate more efficiently. This overall way of working was no longer satisfactory as it was taking the focus away from other HR priorities. 

To eliminate further headaches, the team began researching HRIS systems online in early 2020. A huge focus for Versapay on switching to a new platform was to consolidate all their important people data in one system. 

Their goal was to find a platform that would support their People Ops needs as they doubled in size and opened multiple new international locations. That’s when they first discovered Sapling.

“We’re super happy with the automation experience of what the Sapling platform has been able to provide for our team. It significantly reduces admin hours and gives us a clear view of what's happening in the company and provides us with one source of truth”.
Hana Arneil, Senior People Operations Coordinator


Versapay selected Sapling’s HRIS platform because it best matched their team’s current and future needs. 

The company had big plans to scale the business, both in terms of headcount at existing locations and through opening new international locations. They knew that Sapling’s HRIS platform had the features and capabilities they wanted to improve automation, reporting, and time off requests as they expanded. 

Over the past year, Hana Arneil, Versapay’s Senior People Operations Coordinator, has really enjoyed Sapling’s automation ability and ease of workflow creation. Her team can easily schedule reports, set up automated emails, and enroll new and existing hires into multiple workflows. This saved them countless hours of manual admin work and helped prevent any last minute headaches. “Being able to build out specific workflows for specific departments, statuses, and locations is really key. Being able to filter by department really gives us the ability to make it super specific to the people”, mentioned Hana. 

With team members across different cities and countries around the world Hana’s team uses Sapling daily to pull reports. She shared the convenience it brings to her day-to-day role. When on calls with suppliers, she quickly uses Sapling to accurately share how many team members are in a specific department in a certain geographic location. “It's nice to be able to go into the overview and do really quick math on how many people are in what team, and what their employment status is”, said Hana. “The reporting is really great”. The team also has scheduled specific reports to run on repeat when new hires join so the People Ops team, IT and Finance are aware of changes.

Currently Versapay uses Lever and Paylocity as part of their HR tech stack. Both of these platforms integrate directly with Sapling which help Versapay’s People Ops team reduce admin burdens on the back end. “The fact that our new hires are automatically pushed from Lever into Sapling is a massive weight off my shoulders in terms of admin work”, said Hana. 

“I love being able to look at the dashboard. With my role being focused on onboarding, our IT team focused on onboarding, and then also payroll, it's really nice to have a really simplified view of what's happening across the company”. To support Versapay’s continued expansion, the team heavily utilizes Sapling’s onboarding dashboard. This provides them with a streamlined view of who’s in the pipeline, what details have been collected so far and what their current status is. 

Versapay also utilizes Sapling’s Slack integration. With this, Managers at Versapay receive their teams vacation requests as a Slack message as well as by email to ensure it does not get missed. “This is really helpful for Managers with larger teams”, mentioned Hana. Similarly when new tasks are assigned to team members they receive a slack notification as well as an email. “This is really great for Managers with multiple new hires starting at the same time”, said Hana. This additional touchpoint increases Versapay’s efficiency for monitoring and approving time off requests and notifying of tasks due.

Sapling’s Org Chart feature is used by everyone at Versapay to easily see the different departments, locations, and who reports to whom. “I really liked that you can click into people's personal profiles and learn a little bit more about them”, mentioned Hana. During onboarding, Versapay’s People Ops team encourages the new hires to click around in Sapling’s Org chart to learn more about their new co-workers.


Sapling’s HRIS platform has helped Versapay to reduce manual HR processes, accelerate completion of new hire onboarding tasks, and empower their People Ops team to focus on more strategic initiatives.

One of the biggest benefits of implementing Sapling has been the time they’ve regained by no longer duplicating admin work for each geographic location. “Before it was a nightmare because I would have to send out communications specifically to the USA team about their platform versus Canada with their platform. It was double the admin time to do anything”, stressed Hana. Versapay uses Sapling workflows to automate these communications. Hana mentioned that since making the switch it's “easy to communicate to everyone across the company and overall a much better user experience”. 

Currently Versapay has a great offboarding workflow in place that helps them save countless dollars every month. When team members leave the company they’re enrolled in an offboarding workflow which notifies that person’s direct manager, IT and Finance. The team member is then removed from the various tools they need to do their day to day role. These tasks, sent to IT and the person’s direct manager, ensure unnecessary accounts are cancelled right away. “Sapling workflows is a really good tracking tool. Our offboarding workflow saves us a lot of money because we don't have unused accounts just sitting there that we're paying per user per month for”, mentioned Hana.

Next for the team

Over the next few months and early 2022 Versapay is focused on continuing to grow their team. They’re aiming to automate all of the important documents from tax paperwork to commission agreements as well as department specific playbooks. They plan to create workflows for specific departments to ensure the correct systems are set up for each new hire's first week. 

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