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How Beat upgraded their HRIS to a next-gen People Ops Platform that their employees love


Planning to enter rapid growth in headcount and office locations, Beat recognized their existing HRIS wouldn’t support the company’s growth into international markets and above 300 employees.

Furthermore, Beat’s previous HRIS wasn't able to match the company’s needs for flexibility and personalized employee experience, restricting and limiting the success of Beat’s international team. Employees from different countries were unable to have the same red carpet experience throughout the onboarding process. As a result, Beat relied heavily on manual data entry, without the ability to implement differentiated paid time off (PTO) policies per country to empower local teams.

As a result, Beat was in the market for a best-in-class HRIS platform for growing organizations, encompassing the functionalities modern mid-market companies deserve with seamless scalability and personalization. Sapling was a perfect match to support Beat’s growing and geographically specialized requirements!

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Beat creates a new ride experience by connecting thousands of passengers with nearby available drivers in real time. Their mission is to become part of people's everyday life by making transportation in the city more affordable, convenient, efficient and safe.

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“The onboarding flow has helped all new hires make the manual and tiring process of collecting paperwork a fun and effortless task. By day one Sapling enables Beat to amplify employee engagement.”

Maria Koukou, Compensation & Benefits Manager


Sapling’s next-gen HRIS delivered a strong employee experience while streamlining internal processes. The new experience, powered by Sapling, has provided a modern, user-friendly experience, empowering Beat’s team to reach their potential through automation, data and connectivity.

Another mission-critical capability of Sapling’s HRIS was the ability to set up differentiated PTO policies based on specific market requirements and the accessibility to make adjustments when necessary.  Another challenge was running multiple manual workflows across different data systems including G Suite, Onelogin and Greenhouse’s Applicant Tracking System (ATS).

Sapling next-gen HRIS provided state-of-the-art automation, saving time and enabling Beat’s People Ops Team

“... to keep track of tasks that need to be done, how much time each task takes and where there is room for improvement”

highlights Maria, Compensation & Benefits Manager at Beat. In less than a year, Sapling’s HRIS brought value to the Beat’s team with the luxury of spending less time on administrative work and more time on the critical tasks + ROI-generative people programs.

Finally, implementation and ongoing support was a key criterion for Beat. The personalization of Sapling’s HRIS platform along with Sapling’s ability to listen to Beat’s needs ultimately resulted in a successful solution. Sapling’s dedicated account management team ensured a smooth implementation, partnering with Beat at every step of the journey!

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Transitioning to Sapling enabled Beat to scale internationally across multiple markets while maintaining visibility and control over HR processes and systems.

Beat highlighted another powerful benefit of Sapling’s HRIS platform with extended value not only for Beat’s People Ops Team as well as Beat’s employees


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