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Ellation + Sapling: Onboarding an International Acquisition & Beyond


After finalizing the terms of an international acquisition, Ellation needed to quickly onboard 115 employees while maintaining compliance and creating an engaging experience.

Knowing how important it was to create a strong culture the two companies, in two international locations, the people team sought a digital solution that that could reduce the administrative complexity and increase the company culture, brand and employee experience.

They also wanted a tool that could natively integrate with their payroll solution, Paylocity.


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Ellation builds premium video experiences for passionate fans and provide sustainable business models for content creators

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San Francisco




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"Sapling allows us to collect all the data we need to stay compliant, while delivering an amazing welcome to our new team members."

Desiree Therianos, Head of PeopleOps and Talent


With Sapling, Ellation quickly deployed a company branded onboarding portal and streamlined new hire experience, introducing Ellation’s company background, values, team, and culture, while also ensuring the administrative aspects were taken care of.

The incoming team members were able to complete new employment contracts for joining the Ellation organization, and the Ellation people Operations team was able to track and manage all activities in a simple and intuitive dashboard.

Importantly, Sapling provided all stakeholders a smooth and consistent experience, and sync'd all new employee data to their new payroll system.

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Sapling helped Ellation automate onboarding documents and workflows for organization, ensuring all new hire data was pushed into their system of record.

The People Operations team  were able to view and track all activities from their dashboard, ensuring nothing slipped through the cracks.

In parallel, Sapling was adopted at Ellation for onboarding all employees into their US offices, providing there team with visibility, consistency and data of their program.

Sapling provides a streamlined connection of employee data from Greenhouse Recruitment to Paylocity Payroll, as well as supports their People Operations team to better communicate with their IT team through Sapling's JIRA integration.


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