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EarthJustice + Sapling: Consistent New Hire Experience, Streamlined Documents + ADP Integration

Earthjustice was expanding quickly, with 14 office locations across the US and a complex paperwork process that included hires receiving a FEDEX with 40 documents to sign, and a printed task tracker.



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Earthjustice was expanding quickly, with 14 office locations across the US and a complex paperwork process.

The HR team would manually create an offer letter, print out new hire paperwork and Fedex a packet of forms across the US. This typically included 27 forms for signing, with an additional 20 informational forms. The team would then have to track the documents, ensuring all forms which requiring signatures were returned before the new hire's first day.

On the occasions this process ran smoothly and the physical paperwork was accurately completed and returned on-time,  the HR team would then print a task tracker and run through the onboarding checklist with each new hire. This onboarding checklist was adopted at HQ in San Francisco, however the other 13 locations lacked a clear process.

The payroll team would then duplicate the information from the new hire forms and physically copy this into ADP WorkforceNow, spending hours shuffling paperwork and copying data into different systems.

"The Sapling team went above and beyond in supporting our changeover process - assisting in digitizing all our documents, sharing best practices and making sure we set-up a streamlined program.”
- Natasha Diamond, HR Director of Talent Management


Foreseeing that physical paperwork and manual data entry was not sustainable as their organization grew, the Earthjustice’s HR team conducted an evaluation of the best onboarding solutions available for companies their size, who use ADP Workforce Now and are distributed across the US.

In February 2017, after a thorough process evaluating core functionality, data security, and two-way integration capability with ADP Workforce Now, Earthjustice selected Sapling to support their onboarding and HR needs.


Earthjustice deployed Sapling across their organization in March 2017, transferring their existing manual, and error-prone process to a modern HR solution. They were able to use Sapling’s embedded E-signature solution, and connect all their new hire data from Sapling into ADP Workforce Now.

Earthjustice were able to cut their time spent on manual onboarding tasks from 6 hours, to 30 minutes per new hire.

Additionally, Earthjustice was able to customize their new hire experience, and ensure new hires had a consistent process with onboarding workflows for their internal stakeholders, all made visible in an intuitive dashboard.

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