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Cruise + Sapling: Streamlining the Employee Experience in hypergrowth.


Using a number of fragmented systems across recruitment, IT and People Operations teams, Cruise was running their employee onboarding program across a mix of spreadsheets, manual email, Google docs and Google slides.

Sheila Egan, People Operations Coordinator at Cruise, remembers; “We were initially skeptical of adding ‘another’ platform - meaning extra logins, managing new data flows - but we knew our preboarding experience was a blackhole for new hires.”

Cruise's manual onboarding program was challenging for new-hires. They had limited visibility of what onboarding activities had been completed pre/post Day One, what was outstanding, and which stakeholder was responsible for each activity.

There were numerous follow-up emails from new staff with questions relating to new hire workflows, hardware requirements, payroll and benefits


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Cruise is building the world's best autonomous vehicles to safely connect people to the places, things and experiences they care about.

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"There is no way we could've scaled so quickly without Sapling"

Sheila Egan, People Operations


Cruise turned to Sapling to consolidate their fragmented systems and processes into a purpose built solution, and provide significant benefits to all stakeholders.

Implementing Sapling within two weeks, Sheila and her team set up new hire onboarding packets and workflows in Sapling to automate the 54 tasks per employee it takes to onboard a new hire.

“Sapling’s dashboard immediately provided visibility of workflows and documents and ensured a consistent process for new hires across our US locations.” said Sheila.

The Cruise people team was also supported to organize and structure the new hire onboarding experience with intention and clarity.

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Cruise built a streamlined and consistent employee onboarding program that provided a great new hire experience and streamlined the process for internal stakeholders.

Sapling provided visibility and consistency for an average 54 workflows per new hire, saving an estimated 108 emails between employees. This reduced People Operations management per new hire from 4 hours to 30 minutes (saving an estimated 3.5 hours per new hire).

“Sapling’s dashboard makes tracking and managing the thousands of moving pieces in our onboarding program scalable and manageable. We know where all our documents, workflows and new hires are at, and can quickly identify and any remove bottlenecks”.

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