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Course Hero: Driving HR data connectivity across ATS, Payroll and IT

Course Hero’s People Operations team was using a different onboarding technology, however were seeking more a consistent integration with ADP, better connectivity with internal systems and automated notifications across their organization.


Course Hero

Course Hero helps empower students and educators to succeed! We’re fueled by a passionate community of students and educators who share their course-specific knowledge and educational resources to help others learn and study.

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Located in Redwood City, Course Hero had crossed 100 people and was looking to continue their strong growth.

Already using a different onboarding technology, People Operations lead Mina Yoo was looking for a more a consistent integration with ADP, better customized notifications and an increased focus on customer success from their vendor.

Mina recalled, “We had been using a different vendor, so we were familiar with the benefits of technology-powered onboarding… however with so much data and systems critically dependent on the process, we needed to ensure the process was consistent, stable and error proof”.

Course Hero had heard about Sapling, but were apprehensive given past experience and wanted to make sure we found the right technology partner for the next stage of their company’s growth.

"Sapling’s investment in the success of our employee experience program was incredible. They were highly responsive and took extreme care to ensure we were achieving our HR technology goals."
Mina Yoo, People Operations at Course Hero


Course Hero chose Sapling as this partner for the next stage of their growth, and completed the transition in July 2017.

“Sapling’s implementations team immediately added value by sharing best practices and how their other partners had optimized their onboarding programs.” said Mina.

“Over 60% of our company recruitment is engineering, which is super competitive - we wanted to make sure that we were supporting our new team members to reach their full potentials as quickly as possible”.

Implementing Sapling over a few weeks, Mina and her team were able to quickly and smoothly transition to Sapling, with no disruption to their existing onboarding process.


Course Hero were able to achieve their onboarding goals - leveraging Sapling to connect their technology systems, and ensuring a streamlined and consistent process for People Operations.

Candidate data is imported from Greenhouse, their Applicant Tracking System, into Sapling with Mina then confirming the new hire data and initiating the new hire onboarding.

From there, Sapling automatically provisions the new hire’s G-Suite account for the HR data - saving their IT team in manual data entry, emails and also reducing the chance of any errors.

Internal stakeholders are notified and complete internal relevant workflows, with a sequence of triggered and scheduled emails coordinated during the process.

Once their new hires complete preboarding, their data is sent to ADP ensuring the Course Hero payroll team has everything they need from both the new hire, manager and people operations.

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