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Compass: Streamlining People Ops and IT with Sapling + OneLogin

Streamlining People Ops and IT with Sapling + OneLogin



Compass’ mission is simple: to help everyone find their place in the world.

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With national offices from coast to coast, Compass is now recognized as the country’s largest independent real estate brokerage.

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Compass surpassed 1,000 employees and counting  - yet the People Operations and IT teams knew that they had too many manual limitations to manage.

Compass’ People Ops teams were constrained by the requirement to manually monitor and progress each stage of the onboarding progress, which was prone to error from manual data-entry and workflows delaying progress. The handoff to IT was even tougher, with Lauren Jones, the Senior Systems Engineer, who had to manually enter new hire data into IT system of record - OneLogin.

Meanwhile, new hires were overwhelmed by an extensive amount of paperwork to sign, and a 50-step onboarding process that didn’t provide the optimal employee experience that Compass wanted for their growing team. 

Compass’ goal was to create an engaging candidate experience and an automated internal experience for their people team. Additionally, their IT team needed an onboarding solution that insured their needs as an accounting organization maintained the highest level of security.

Lastly, they were confident that they needed to empower their growing manager base with simple and intuitive experience across their expanding teams.

The depth of connectivity of Sapling into OneLogin, Greenhouse, ADP, Zapier has significantly reduced administrative busywork - allowing us to focus on the more strategic parts of our role.
Hannah DiBruno, People & Culture Associate


Compass was leveraging OneLogin to provide identity management across their large and growing user base of real estate agents needing access to critical Compass applications in the field.Building on their OneLogin deployment, Compass needed a complementary platform that could support People Operations and continue to drive identity operations and automation.

After conducting a broad market search, Compass chose Sapling as a partner for the next stage of growth, and completed the transition in April 2018. Sapling’s deep connectivity with OneLogin, G-Suite, Greenhouse, ADP and Zapier provided the perfect toolkit to drive People Ops + IT automation.

When new hires are created within the applicant tracking system, the information is automatically sent to Sapling to initiate the new hire onboarding event.

People Operations then enrich the employee profile, and automatically provision the new hires account in OneLogin - with Sapling sending 5 - 15 attributes of employee data to IT team. The attributes include everything from name, email, title, department, phone number and custom fields.

The Sapling + OneLogin integration saves People Ops and IT teams time, reduces the risk of manual error, and protects mission critical data. Using Sapling + OneLogin, Compass was able to save 30 minutes of data entry per new hire - saving over 750 hours per year in lost productivity.  

But it doesn't stop there, managers are automatically sent a request for the information required from them - including hardware and software requirements, as well as their Compass onboarding ‘Buddy’. The email takes them to a simple webform where they enter the information to ensure the new recruit can start contributing from day-one.

Once completed, the form is sent via Zapier to Zendesk to create hardware and software licences, ensuring a consistent, repeatable and automated workflow for their managers and IT teams.


In the 12 months since implementing Sapling, the Compass People Operations team has onboarded over 1,500 employees to the Compass platform.

By partnering with Sapling and OneLogin, Compass’ IT team saved over 15,000 fields of data entry, streamlining handoffs, driving automation and protecting employee data. By avoiding 750 hours in lost productivity, they saved $37,500 in people costs.

Compass’ People Operations and IT team has more visibility into the new hire program and can provide solutions to their security needs in an automated way.

After Sapling’s implementation, the Compass People Operations team was brought into the 21st century and now completes everything electronically. They’re no longer spending time firefighting issues and are now focused on expanding their roles to other projects.

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