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How AiFi Built a Global Employee Hub with Sapling’s People Operations Platform

Learn how AiFi uses Sapling as their HRIS for their global team



AiFi is a technology company creating the world’s most advanced Autonomous Store Platform.

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AiFi has employees in three international locations with their global headquarters in the San Francisco bay area.

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As a rapidly growing organization, onboarding multiple new hires per month, managing spreadsheets through manual data entry became unreliable and time-consuming. Additionally AiFi’s People Operations team had a difficult time tracking both new hires and current employees. At the time AiFi’s did not have a buddy program or the ability to automatically disseminate employees training or track training completion and reporting. All this caused, on average, 1,250 hours of lost productivity for the People Operations team.

Specifically adding new hires to key systems meant back-and-forth emails to AiFi’s IT team - on average 520 hours of valuable time that could have been invested on strategic initiatives including developing people and building the product. Even after new hires were added to these systems, information was tediously tracked in spreadsheets. AiFi needed to find a solution, and fast.  

“We were spending 40% of our day answering questions for new hires and existing team members. This was creating a lot of friction between recruitment, People Operations and team members. People forgot there are other pieces that need to work - and it always comes back to the processes we co-create.

“Sapling has cut the time we spend collecting new hire information and tracking employee leave in half - at least. - saving over $250,000 in productive time over a period of a quarter
Yasmine Elkabir, Director of HR


In September 2019, AiFi selected Sapling as a partner for the next stage of growth. 

With Sapling, AiFi was able to automate manual day-to-day tasks and transition from spreadsheets and paper forms to e-documents. Task automation empowered AiFi’s People Operations team to organize processes across different types of employees - full time and contract. Additionally, having Sapling as the employee hub provided access to information for all relevant stakeholders to create an excellent new hire experience from day one without all of the lost productivity.

AiFi was able to create a self-service PTO offering for employees and their managers. Additionally with Sapling, AiFi was able to not only save time and money in productivity, but also introduce innovative buddy programs and employee trainings. Through automated workflows, AiFi was able to disseminate employee training to complete internal trainings and development, assign training post onboarding, as well as track completions through reporting. 


After implementing Sapling as the employee hub, AiFi created a fully functional, self service and automated employee portal - saving over 520 hours of manual data entry, answering team member questions and creating a comprehensive employee experience.

Some of the specifics:

  • Deep integration with their applicant tracking system -  Hire by Google ATS, single sign on through G-Suite.
  • Gathered and saved employee information across 40+ different customized data fields from different stakeholders including new hires, Admins and Managers, creating a single source of truth and removing the need to chase down necessary information.
  • Automated 60+ tasks for employees, new hires, administrators and critical departments such as IT, saving time across the organization. Saving 5 hours per week, over 260 hours per year due to the eliminated need for data collection and inter-departmental emailing.
  • Created three unique self service paid time off policies, allowing AiFi to track employee leave as well as remove the need for employees to bog down their managers with email requests.

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