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Branch: Automation and Visibility in New Hire Onboarding

After raising a round of funding, Branch had their eyes set on rapid growth. Before Sapling, Branch was tracking everything in spreadsheets, but quickly realized this couldn’t be managed effectively at scale, they needed purpose-built technology to aid in the onboarding process for all new hires.



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Branch had just closed a $60M Series C round of funding and was seeking to scale the size of their company across their Palo Alto, New York, and international locations.

Mike Molinet, COO and Co-Founder, was very passionate about the new hire Onboarding “Experience” and while they already had a great Onboarding program, he recognized that it wasn’t scalable with their current technology.

Mike remembers “We were using a team spreadsheet and constantly finding things slipping through the cracks - and saw Sapling as the path to drive automation and scalability, while also providing an amazing employee experience.”

“Sapling was the exact thing I’d been dreaming of for years. I even had an engineer look into building something like this for our own purposes before I found Sapling, but it was going to be way too complicated. Finding Sapling a few months later, I was incredibly excited to finally have what I’d always wanted in onboarding technology. Our goal was to finally delete the spreadsheet and become a more modern HR Org.”
“Sapling saves our team tens of hours in admin and communications per new hire., and ensures new hires have a consistent and technology-enabled onboarding.”
Mike Molinet, Co-Founder/COO


Branch partnered with Sapling to merge their fragmented systems and processes into a purpose-built solution, and provide significant benefits to all stakeholders.

Branch saw this as an opportunity for huge time savings for the People Operations team and Hiring Managers.

Branch implemented Sapling over two weeks in April 2017, partnering with an implementation specialist to ensure all their HR systems were in sync including Greenhouse, Namely, and G Suite.


Branch was able to build and deliver a structured, “world class” experience for new hires, giving every new hire a clear path to success. By July 2017, they were able to move off the growing and unmanageable spreadsheet and leverage Sapling for their employee onboarding and offboarding needs.

Branch’s new hires’ information now populates automatically from Greenhouse, their Applicant Tracking System, into Sapling with People Ops then confirming the new hire data and initiating new hire onboarding.

Sapling now provides the visibility and consistency needed to manage over 1,000 activities per month, which before were manually inputted to a Google sheet. For each hire, over 100 workflows and 10 documents are automated and tracked.

Once new hires complete preboarding, their employee data populates seamlessly into Namely, ensuring the Branch payroll team has everything they need from both new hires and people operations.

“Our People Operations team is empowered to run a great process, and we have visibility on our entire program. We consistently receive feedback from new employees about how impressed they were with the onboarding process, and we owe a large chunk of that to Sapling.”

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